How big is the box anchor?

The small GruffTuff box anchor™ is built on a 12″ square. The actual widest dimensions are 16″ x 12″ x 9.5.”

What does the box anchor weigh?

A small GruffTuff box anchor™ weighs 20.6 lbs.

What size boat does the small box anchor hold?

Anchor holding ability depends on bottom conditions, line length (scope), weather, currents and boat size. With that said, in general the small box anchor can hold boats with up to a 30 foot length in most conditions. This anchor is easier to use and holds better than other anchors, it is a product that actually works. In calmer conditions it will hold even larger boats.

What is the box anchor made of? Will it hold up?

The GruffTuff box anchor™ is made of 100% American steel. A36 hot rolled steel to be exact. The same type of steel used to hold up many bridges and buildings.

What bottom conditions does the box anchor work with?

The GruffTuff box anchor™ works best in sand, mud, clay and kelp.

Can the box anchor be used in the ocean?

Absolutely. The box anchor works particularly well in sand and other ocean floors. Its industrial grade galvanizing is an excellent defense to corrosive salt water.

Does the box anchor hold strong currents?

Never worry again about drifting or dragging. This is an anchor that actually works and works easy. It does great holding in strong currents.

How does the box anchor do in the wind?

The box anchor is the best anchor to use in changing wind or strong wind conditions. The anchor will automatically flip over and reset itself if the wind changes direction. Its strong bottom grabbing technique holds strongly against winds. Contrast this with most other anchors that actually unset themselves and may not reset.

Do you need to use a lead chain with the box anchor?

The GruffTuff box anchor™ does not require a lead chain for proper operation. This differs from other styles of anchor, which do require a long lead chain for proper operation. A lead chain will improve the performance of any anchor however, and some of our customers who have large ocean going boats prefer to add a lead chain to improve performance.

How do you attach a rope to the box anchor?

There are two ways you can attach a rope to the box anchor. The first way you can do it is to run a knot through the loop that is on the end of the box anchor’s hook.

The second way to do it is to purchase a rope that has a closed loop at one end. Attach a shackle to the end of the box anchor’s hook and run the closed loop end of your rope through the shackle.

What rope should I use with the box anchor?

When purchasing rope we typically recommend purchasing 100 feet of 1/2 inch rope, but this may vary based on your boat size and water depth. When using the box anchor you need to use twice as much rope as the water depth you will be using the anchor in.

What is scope?

Scope is the ratio of water depth to the anchor line length. For instance, if the water you are putting your anchor in is 10 feet deep and you put 20 feet of rope on your anchor you have a 2:1 scope. Essentially, use twice as much rope as the water depth.

What is the scope needed?

A typical anchor requires a 4:1 scope or greater to properly “lock in” to the bottom and actually hold your boat. This includes the Claw, Delta, Fortress and Manta anchors among others. What does this really mean? If you are in 20 foot deep water and are using a typical anchor you need 80 to 100 feet of line for the anchor to set. Compare this to a GruffTuff box anchor™ which only requires 40 feet of line in 20 foot deep water. Essentially, use twice as much rope as the water depth.

Do you put out the box anchor at the stern of your boat or the bow?

The box anchor can be used at any location on your boat. Typically people put the anchor at the bow of the boat. If you are using multiple anchors the most powerful anchor is at the bow. For instance use a box anchor at the bow and a smaller mushroom anchor at the stern to prevent rotation.

Do you recommend using the box anchor overnight?

Leaving a boat overnight unsupervised using any type of anchor is typically not advised. Differing overnight wind and current conditions among other conditions play a factor. We do not recommend leaving your boat overnight using any type of anchor without checking occasionally to make sure your boat is not drifting.

The galvanizing on my anchor isn't smooth or shiny. Why?

Industrial grade hot dip galvanizing is the absolute best protection that a steel product can have from corrosion. GruffTuff™ uses this process exclusively. It is not a “paint” or a cosmetic finish, it is designed to do one thing, PROTECT. It is not always pretty, but it is the best protection from corrosion available. The parts are actually dipped into molten zinc metal to form the coating and the process can sometimes produce a finish with drips, small inclusions, and colors ranging from shiny metal to dull grey. THESE COSMETIC IMPERFECTIONS DO NOT HARM PERFORMANCE IN ANY WAY. The coating will work just as well no matter how it looks. Additionally, your anchor will become less “shiny” over time and will develop a white patina. This is all normal and is the galvanized coating protecting the underlying steel.

The galvanizing on my anchor is chipped, is it still protecting the anchor?

Yes. Hot dip galvanizing is the gold standard in terms of corrosion protection. No other coating competes with the durability and longevity of an industrial hot dip galvanized coating. This same coating is used on telephone poles and bridges among other things. The coating is actually a layer of zinc bonded to the underlying steel. It protects in two ways simultaneously. In one way, the thick zinc layer acts as a barrier protecting the underlying steel. In another way, it protects the underlying steel even if there are chips and scratches. This is just like the zinc used on boat motors and hulls. The zinc is more electrically active than the underlying steel which means that the zinc coating will be attacked first before any steel nearby. In this way the underlying steel is still protected even if there is a scratch in the galvanized coating.


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